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Biosalud is an Institute of Biological Medicine and Anti-Aging based in Zaragoza that was promoted by Dr. Mariano Bueno in 1985. Throughout all this time, Biosalud has made a clear commitment to the medicine of the future in which conventional treatments are combined with traditional ones, whose maximum exponent today is Regenerative Medicine, Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering, all of them with stem cells.
We combine cutting-edge technology with a highly qualified staff with a continuous training program, to offer an excellent service with the application of personalized protocols for each case and patient. This is how we achieve the best results.
One of the key facets in the technological development of Biosalud is its powerful R+D+i department, always supported by IFIMA and various university structures, closing collaboration agreements even with foreign universities such as the Maimonides University for being the most prestigious in Latin America with which it develops various research programs including several doctoral theses in the field of regenerative medicine, biological medicine and anti-aging medicine. This is one of the keys to always be at the forefront of medicine at all times.

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In this spirit, we have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of Autoimmune Diseases, we have developed a Specialized Unit in Lyme Disease and we are pioneers in regenerative medicine and anti-aging treatments.
From this blog I want to share my vision of this exciting profession, as well as those medical events in which I participate and news that may be of interest to my medical colleagues and patients.
This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in «Calling Time on Lyme», an international conference held in London and attended by speakers from different European countries.
bueno2019-10-28 09:29:042019-10-28 09:29:04Integrative Medicine, united to achieve regulationThis weekend I had the pleasure of sharing the experience of Biosalud Day Hospital in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease at the international conference «Chronic Lyme disease», held in the city of London…Read More

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When we talk about health, we should not hesitate to always be surrounded by the best. Diseases that can endanger our well-being should always be treated and, if possible, eradicated by the best hands, especially those that have unusual behaviors or need a long recovery period. That is why Biosalud Zaragoza is becoming so important.
This health center specializes in both regenerative and integrative medicine. Mariano Bueno Cortés, who has a degree in Pharmacy from the Alfonso X El Sabio University and a degree in Medicine from the University of Zaragoza, had the idea of mixing biological medicine with conventional medicine and with the great technological advances to build a pattern of modern and especially effective treatments. With the intention of improving the welfare of people through this practice, he opened the doors of this health center to become a hospital in November 2016, where he is established as director.

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Thus, one of the opinions that we can read is that of one of the patients who went to be treated for Lyme disease. In it, as in many other comments from people who suffer from this disease, they explain how after going to several experts and health centers to get a diagnosis for their problems, none of them could give a solution, since all the results were perfect.
In this way, and thanks to Dr. Bueno’s work, many patients have been diagnosed with this disease and have received specialized treatment with which to advance in their daily lives.
For this reason, an excellent relationship of trust between doctor and patient is essential, since the disease can only be diagnosed when both the internal and external factors of the patient are taken into account. The internal organs, the emotional state, the environmental surroundings in which they move and the physical appearance are essential to make a complete diagnosis.