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Quickly, the Atresmedia channel has connected with Miró to know his state: «I am very excited and happy,» he said. «They are two whole tenths to distribute among five brothers. It has touched us in Alcoy. My uncle Javier bought them from Telefónica and distributed them to the whole family and we are all freaking out,» he explained to the audience.

On the other hand, Antonio has assured that he still does not know what to do with the prize: «I do not know what I will spend it on because now I am working. Now, I’m supposed to position the news of La Sexta», he joked.

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«I am very excited and happy,» said Miró, not quite believing what had just happened. In addition, he explained that «there are two whole tenths to distribute among five brothers. We have touched in Alcoy. My uncle Javier bought them from Telefónica and distributed them to the whole family».

For now, Miró does not know how he will spend the money because he was in the editorial office of La Sexta working when he found out: «I don’t know how I will spend it because I am working now. Now, I’m supposed to position La Sexta’s news».

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Gonzalo Miró did not want to miss the presentation of the documentary film Regresa El Cepa, a film based on Pilar Miró’s work with El Crimen De Cuenca in 1980. Very proud of the legacy left by his mother, the director’s son recalled how hard his mother fought for this film after she was prosecuted for it.

Gonzalo has flatly denied these statements: «When I want to say something, I say it, but this was not the case. I did not say it». He also avoided talking about his ex’s pregnancy: «I understand that you want to get any word out of me, but if they have already attributed things to me that I have not said, imagine if I say it». The statements were actually made by Boris Izaguirre, with whom Miró was talking on the sofa with Cristina Pardo.

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