Feed back o feedback

Giving feedback

The term ‘feedback’ comes from the English language and could be literally translated into Spanish as ‘retroalimentación’. It is generally used to refer to the response, the communicative back and forth that occurs naturally in the communication process.

As with many words of English origin, the concept of feedback is used in this way, without translation, in most Spanish-speaking countries, to refer to the process mentioned above.

Feedback is the process by which data, information, hypotheses or theories are exchanged between two different points. This term can thus be applied to social situations as well as to scientific situations, both biological and technological.

Today, it is very common that after communicating with a company that provides us with a service, to complain about it or to obtain more information about it, a representative of the company contacts us to find out if the problem has been satisfactorily resolved and if we are satisfied with the service received.

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Feedback synonym

Reading Time 3 minutesFeedback, also known in the workplace as feedback, is a key process for the economic growth of organizations and for the personal and professional development of their employees.

As we have said before in this space, the main objective of a feedback session is to provide the employee with the necessary information, which must be 100% objective and based on verifiable results, so that he/she can establish what his/her weaknesses are and create a work plan to turn them into opportunities for improvement.

Having clear the importance of the process, today we are going to focus on 3 fundamental aspects to carry out a feedback process in your organization that is really valuable, timely and effective.

After identifying such behavior, the employee must be allowed to give his or her version of events and find together the causes that are provoking such events and reactions. By understanding the employee’s reasons, you should immediately take corrective actions to improve the situation and benefit everyone involved.

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Negative feedback

Feedback is the action of providing information to a person about a result. Feedback is given in the form of evaluations, advice or even comments, and is intended to provide information for future improvements.

This term is used in different fields that may include psychology, electronics, biology, management, engineering or communication. It is something that, if done well, can strengthen the work environment and offer the recipient the possibility to improve in any aspect.

There is such a thing as positive feedback, when someone is really satisfied with some performance or result of another person, but also negative feedback in the opposite cases. It is very important in this case not to confuse negative feedback with criticism. Criticism tends to be more destructive and to pretend a change in the way of acting, however, feedback simply offers an external point of view to the situation and a possible solution to improve those things that have not had the expected result.

Company feedback

In the face of this reaction it is necessary to remain calm, patient and firm. To do this:Explain the situation, explain the reason for it and situate it in the organization’s policy.Maintain your ability to listen and your kindness.Repeat your feedback, if necessary, so that the interlocutor assimilates the existence of the problem.

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Remain calm and patient, and show pedagogy:Rephrase the receiver’s arguments.Accept them while showing him a different side of things.Make him assimilate the importance of the problem.