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Commercial guideline: operant conditioning

And how do we measure the fame of these guys? Well, nothing more and nothing less than looking at the number of followers and followers that have risen in their social networks in just one weekend. And is that the Instagram accounts of Pol Granch, Carla Diaz, Martina Cariddi and Manu Rios have been smoking since Friday, June 18.
Manu Ríos has entered the series with his character Patrick. The young man is part of the Omander plot (the couple composed by Omar and Ander since the first season), being the third in discord.
Of the four new youth signings of the series, Manu was the one with the most followers on his Instagram account. The young man from La Mancha had 5.6 million followers, with a daily growth of more than 2,000.
Martina Cariddi, who gives life to Mencía, is not far behind! The young woman, who has one of the most controversial plots of this new season, has also become one of the new favorite faces of the viewers.

My father puts braces on my teeth and one of my teeth falls out.

Indeed, there is only one father. That is why, perhaps, the sequel to the hit film directed, written and starring Santiago Segura (Torrente saga) does not reach the same comic and acid level that the first installment did. This is not a negative thing, quite the contrary. The film works very well as a complement, expanding a little more the universe of this peculiar family with which it is so easy to empathize. And it is certainly one of the most recommendable comedies right now.
Actually, the problem with this second part is not really its own. It is difficult to get a sequel to a comedy like the one directed by Segura in 2019 to bring something different. At least, something as innovative and fresh as the first one had. Once the clichés, stereotypes and gags with micromachismos included are overcome, the plot is forced to evolve into somewhat more complex terrain, and that’s where it loses some of that freshness. Of course, getting to know the characters does not help to provide that degree of surprise that the first parts usually have. That’s why many of the plots of this film start to feel familiar, and instead of making you laugh, they only make you smile. Which, I repeat, is not a bad thing. There are alleged comedies that don’t even achieve that.

Inmunología – hipersensibilidad iii, iv y v

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