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TV Guide is an American weekly magazine that deals with television programming. The main edition is published in the United States, but there is also an alternative edition for Canada.
In addition to TV programming listings, the publications feature television-related news, celebrity interviews, gossip, and movie reviews. Horoscopes and crossword puzzles (self-defined) have also appeared.
The national magazine TV Guide was first published on April 3, 1953. The cover of its first issue featured a photograph of Desi Arnaz, Jr, the son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.
TV Guide as a national publication was the product of Triangle Publications’ (owned by Walter Annenberg) purchase of numerous regional television programming publications, such as TV List, TV Forecast, TV Digest, Television Guide, and TV Guide. Launching as a national publication with local programming listings in April 1953, it became an almost instant success, becoming the most widely read magazine with the largest circulation in the country in the 1960s. The initial price was only 15 cents per copy. In addition to its subscriptions, TV Guide was a must-have selection for families when shopping for magazines at supermarket checkout counters nationwide: in the 1970s, the appearance of each weekly issue was promoted in television commercials. Under Triangle Publications, TV Guide continued to grow not only in circulation, but also in its recognition as the authority on television programming, with articles by its editorial staff and contributing writers.


Este artículo se refiere a la empresa TV Guide. Para la antigua revista impresa, véase TV Guide Magazine. Para el uso general del término, véase la lista de televisión. Para otros usos, véase TV Guide (desambiguación).
El prototipo de lo que se convertiría en la revista TV Guide fue desarrollado por Lee Wagner (1910-1993),[4] que fue director de circulación de MacFadden Publications en la ciudad de Nueva York en la década de 1930 -y más tarde, en el momento de la creación de la publicación predecesora, para Cowles Media Company- distribuyendo revistas centradas en celebridades del cine.
En 1948, imprimió la revista de listados de la zona de Nueva York The TeleVision Guide, que salió por primera vez a los quioscos locales el 14 de junio de ese año. La estrella del cine mudo Gloria Swanson, que entonces protagonizaba la efímera serie de variedades The Gloria Swanson Hour, aparecía en la portada del primer número. Más tarde, Wagner comenzó a publicar ediciones regionales de The TeleVision Guide para Nueva Inglaterra y la zona de Baltimore-Washington. Cinco años más tarde, vendió las ediciones a Walter Annenberg, que las integró en su empresa de publicación y difusión Triangle Publications, pero siguió siendo asesor de la revista hasta 1963[5].


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The offer of contents that we have at our disposal nowadays is really big, and this has advantages and disadvantages.  On the one hand, we have many more alternatives to choose from, so there is bound to be something we are interested in watching. But, on the other hand, given the large number of channels, it is difficult to know what content is on each of them so that we don’t miss the movie we like, our favorite series, that documentary we have heard so much about or the program we are hooked on.
After selecting the sport, in the central window you will see the events taking place throughout the day, and if you click on the calendar icon you can also see the matches of the following days. To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can save the matches and schedule notifications.

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