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On this occasion we will have the participation of the company Smart Visual Data with its Zeus Vision project, an initiative arising from extensive experience in the area of marketing, communication, business management and especially data analytics in new technologies.
Ximo Gonzalez, Marketing and Digital Transformation Consultant and Representative of Zeus Vision , will propose how to detect the type of relevant information in our companies for decision making supported by the concept of transition from Big Data to Smart Visual Data. It will be in the showroom that the company has in the espaitec e’LivingLab room, on the first floor of the espaitec 1 building in front of the large meeting room.
During the talk we will see how today’s business management requires analyzing an increasingly large amount of data. It is not possible to digest all that documentation that, actually, may contain crucial data for decision making. To do this, the smart visual data philosophy is committed to producing «live reports». Reports that can be consulted at any time, with data in real time and without having to open a computer or search for a specific program to access them.


Los días 21 y 22 de septiembre tuvo lugar en Madrid la feria e-show 2016, el evento internacional para los profesionales del mundo del negocio digital.La séptima edición del evento ha reunido a numerosas empresas y expertos tanto del e – commerce como del marketing digital.
Innova Advanced Consulting no podía dejar pasar la oportunidad de acudir, por lo que el equipo directivo estuvo presente para dar el pistoletazo de salida a la nueva solución de analítica y gestión de datos: Smart Visual Data. Como resultado del esfuerzo conjunto de Innova Advanced Consulitng y Zeus Vision, la revolucionaria solución de datos visuales inteligentes ha tenido una gran acogida entre los visitantes que se han acercado al stand. Todos ellos han comprobado la experiencia de Zeus y sus beneficios para la toma de decisiones empresariales, entre estos beneficios destacan los siguientes:
Tras el éxito en el e-show de Madrid 2016, Zeus inicia su camino para convertirse en la solución definitiva de análisis y presentación de datos, abogando por la visualización en tiempo real, y mejorando la toma de decisiones y la capacidad de respuesta de las empresas en el entorno competitivo actual.

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We are a strategic data analysis and management consulting firm that helps companies turn information into business. The focus of our projects is people, and how data can help them make better decisions and be more agile and productive.
Our differential value is the 360º proposal we offer to our clients. The Zeus team is multidisciplinary and we have experts trained in the main BI software on the market, as well as developers and project managers who can offer tailor-made solutions. On the other hand, our data architecture team does all the data mining work, from extraction to transformation and storage using Big Data technology.
Likewise, having the data at a glance helps us to better sort the information and highlight those indicators that are most relevant to us, receiving alerts when something remarkable happens (for example, a record in sales).

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